The Aims Of Beauty Super Spy

I love beauty products, spas, and the everything in the world of beauty, but having worked in several areas I know that there are some companies that will pull the wool over your eyes. I wanted to have an honest website where I could write true reviews without prejudice, and with the correct information and not marketing spiel that we all see. I used to work in marketing too and know we told clients what they wanted to hear versus the actual truth. It’s no surprise that there was a lot of spin, and even the CEO of one company I worked for told us that all reports are faked. That’s how they keep their clients! PR companies may not be rushing for me to review their products or services, but if something is genuinely good no one needs to be bribed to coerced into writing a good review.

I also wanted to review classic products personally and professionally, and not only what was new or trendy, because too often people just read the PR speak and accept it. Even though there are some enthusiastic bloggers out there, some simply don’t understand how products actually work or even what their skin type is, and as a result dish out misleading information. One blogger claimed a product in a beauty box was not suitable for her skin type, which was oily, where in fact it was suitable for all skin types. This doesn’t help brands when they misinform the reader.

The idea behind my websites is not to catch companies out, but to highlight the best companies and those with dubious business practices so that consumers can discover what really is the best out there, and not who has the largest budget for advertising. In particular the increase of beauty box subscriptions has led to the anticipated complaints of customers not being able to cancel, or being billed when they had cancelled. That is one of the problems with subscription services, but also the disparity of the contents of the boxes different customers received. There are several of companies that try to manipulate reviews, and don’t allow any visitor posts on their social media or delete them. Others handle negative comments graciously and try to resolve them as a good company should, and other shave so much small print in the terms and conditions it takes the fun out of buying anything.

As a result my websites have been reviewing which companies offer value for money, what products perform well, as well as advice under the beauty knowledge section. I may not be popular with all the companies (for highlighting the small print and their issues), but whatever I write is honest, and if things change (either better or worse) I will update the review or write another to supersede it. I enjoy writing about beauty as it’s been a passion of mine for several decades besides being my job, but as a consumer I am concerned that some companies don’t tell the whole truth about their products, give misleading information (such as mascaras that can lengthen and thicken, when the models wore extensions) or online companies that have excessive and unreasonable small print and conditions that make buying products an unpleasant experience. I’ll always enjoy looking for new products and trying them out, but will always keep an eye out on those companies that are less than honest about their products or services.

©2016. Beauty Super Spy


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