LookFantastic Beauty Box: Unprofessional Customer Service

It saddens me to have to write this, but the fact is the numerous online reviews about LookFantastic are true. Order at your own peril. My initial encounter was fine; I ordered a one-off monthly beauty box, it arrived, and the contents of the beauty box were excellent. I cannot fault that. I chose to the rolling monthly subscription, which enables you to cancel the next box as long as you do so by the 23rd of the month. I did as instructed, and considered buying a longer term subscription.

Imagine my shock when I received on June 1 an email saying my box was being despatched, yet there was no record of an order on my account. I checked my card statement and a payment was pending. I had no point of reference on my LookFantastic account, and I sent a message via their online system, Facebook, and Twitter, asking why I have a box being sent with no order number, and nothing to say it was being sent on my account page. I finally got a response a day later, which was just cut and pasted a standard reply:

Thank you for getting in touch about your renewal subscription.

I am sorry, this is a subscription box, with payment taken monthly. Upon expiry of your subscription, it will automatically renew for a further fixed term of the same length. Your Beauty Box will be dispatched on the first working day of each month, and we’ll charge your card during the same time.

Your subscription is now complete, therefore no further beauty boxes will be sent after the June box.”

Basically my subscription had expired as soon as I ordered my first box, as I cancelled it the day my first (and only box I ordered) was despatched. I should have deleted my card payment details, but as I had intended to buy a longer term subscription, I kept it for my convenience. I have contacted my card company that it was an unauthorized transaction, and as such I will return the box when they send a pre-paid label.

I had wondered why there was a lack of reviews on this box from people who had not been sent a PR box, and that’s because the service is shockingly poor. I hope I am proved wrong and that they reply, and apologize because the products are good. Sadly the service (so far) doesn’t match this. A good beauty box requires more than pretty packaging and good products—it’s needs decent customer service. Besides this, it shows subscription services aren’t safe, even if you cancel using the guidelines set out. I hope this won’t be a long drawn out affair, but given the pathetic response I received (that didn’t even address my issue) I’m not holding out for much hope.


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