Will Birchbox Beauty Boxes get any better?

I’m half way through my Birchbox subscription and so far I’m not impressed. Maybe I have high standards compared to others, but when most items that are received aren’t used, it doesn’t matter how cheap the box is—it’s not great value. Of course the idea is for people to sample products and then encourage you to buy the full size. It’s no different from people trying a product from a sample from a magazine or from a cosmetics counter, except you are paying for the products and being online, the company has a wider audience. Currently I’m awaiting its arrival…

Looking at the April spoiler here are some of the items that the April box may contain:

  • Each box will have a Benefit product. I like Benefit, but Dew the Hoola, is a bronzer, and I don’t use them. Air Patrol, is an eye primer; again a useless product for me as I don’t wear eye shadow often these days. They’re Real Mascara, or BADgal Lash—possibly a product that I could use!
  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse®. A product that has been sampled before.
  • Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream. I’ve tried this before as Glamour had a special size free with last month’s magazine.
  • PARLOR BY JEFF CHASTAIN Detangling Leave-In Conditioner. Personally I think conditioners should always be rinsed out, and these products don’t suit my hair type. Touchable Curl Cream. A useful product for those with curls, but not for my straight hair.
  • LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Empress Me. I sampled this in my first box and it was dreadful.
  • BEAUTY PROTECTOR Protect & Detangle. Another leave in conditioner that I wouldn’t use.
  • KUESHI, Foot Care Cream. A possible product to use, but I would never buy a specific foot cream with so many body creams and lotions available.
  • SO SUSAN, Lip Dome in Blackcurrant. The problem with colours is knowing if they will suit you, and I’m not sure this one would be one for me.
  • CYNTHIA ROWLEY, Black Eyeliner. A branded eyeliner maybe expensive and useful if you don’t have an eyeliner. As they last a long time, it would be unlikely people would make a repeat purchase immediately.
  • BEAVER PROFESSIONAL, Hydro Nutritive Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner. Another possible useful product, but would I buy it? Highly unlikely as I get through shampoo quite fast having long hair and it would be too expensive to buy regularly.

Several items do appear to be repeats (a common complaint from other subscribers), but from the list there are several I can use, but are they actually useful? I don’t really need another black eyeliner, the foot cream would be at some point, the shampoo would probably be saved for a weekend trip, the eye cream I’ve already tried (and would be handy), and the only Benefit product I would find useful is a mascara, but again it would be a spare product. The list doesn’t excite me, but I will be content with useful products at least, otherwise it looks like my friends will benefit more than I this month. There are a couple of new brands I haven’t tried before, so I am open to sampling them, but the problem is they aren’t products I am interested in actually buying.

4 thoughts on “Will Birchbox Beauty Boxes get any better?

  1. Birchbox is pretty good about not sending out repeat products in the same scent/color, and if you Do receive one, you can email customer care and they’ll give you some Birchbox points for the issue.

    Try changing up your profile if you haven’t. With most subscriptions if you narrow down what you really Want to receive, rather than just what you’ll use, it helps.

    I’ve gotten only 2 Birchboxes since December that I haven’t loved, and that’s with receiving two every single month.

    I recommend not looking at the spoiler lists because there’s always going to be box envy. Major cases of FOMO. There will always be something even if you get your perfect box, that you also wanted to try.


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